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Vote No for Now to SEIU

Ballots mailed on Monday May 15th, 2017

Must be received BEFORE June 6th, 2017

Your Vote is Your Voice
Opposing SEIU Union Representation


Dear Colleagues,

You have probably already heard about SEIU's attempts to organize non-tenured faculty here at Vanderbilt.

You may not have heard from the many non-tenured faculty who oppose unionization, and who do not wish to be included in a bargaining unit cobbled together by an aggressive union to serve the interests of a few.

Coming from a union family, I have seen firsthand how employee benefits can be lost in large-scale negotiation. The same thing could easily happen at Vanderbilt given the broad nature of the previously proposed bargaining unit. Recently, I spoke to a full-time non-tenured colleague who plans to leave Vanderbilt if unionization goes forward. The potential losses to our community are real, and the attitude of legalistic surveillance and mistrust which unionization implies would significantly change our university's culture.

I am in touch with a number of faculty across campus who share reservations about unionization. If you wish to join us, please contact me directly at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If a bargaining unit does go to election, please vote - low turnout gives the union an inherent advantage. And vote your conscience. But unless you are certain beyond doubt that SEIU is the right move, please join me in voting "no" to this hasty, intrusive, and unnecessary measure.

Respectfully yours,

Joshua McGuire
Senior Lecturer, Blair School of Music